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Marsha Bucanek, CLD, CBE, HCHD

Marsha Bucanek, CLD, CBE, HCHD


Marsha Bucanek, CLD, CBE, HCHD

So this is the part where I explain all the things right?! No promises about my ability to truly articulate all of the goals here, but I will certainly do my best!

As a working mom of two, wife, certified labor doula, hypnobabies doula and birth boot camp childbirth educator… am I forgetting something? Oh yes, and previous gestational surrogate, I would have to say that my life revolves around pregnancy, birth and parenthood. It is amazing work that has taken me down a path I never expected and that is directly to you. I have it in my heart to be a resource to my pregnant community as well as those who are working hard to stay afloat on their journey of raising tiny humans! Together in great solidarity… WE GOT THIS!


CAPPA Certified Labor Doula

Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Instructor

Hypnobabies Certified Hypnosis Doula

IVF Support Specialist

Surrogacy Support Specialist


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