Why did you become a doula?



Why did you become a doula?

This has to be the question I am asked most by clients as well as friends and family. The answer is a pretty simple one to be honest. As a pregnant woman I took an absolutely amazing natural childbirth education class and fell in love with birth. The beauty surrounding our natural instincts to bring our baby into this world is unparalleled and I want to share that passion and knowledge with other families. Most of us only know what we are exposed to. So for some, birth can be scary because they have seen way too many TV or movie dramatic births (seriously y'all, birth is not a "my water broke call 911" situation) for others they may have heard their own mothers or grandmothers share traumatic stories. While these stories aren't meant to cause harm, sometimes they really do. We become afraid of having similar experiences to those we know and love. My goal as a doula is to give clients and their families the tools the need to be able to go into their birth confident, comfortable and excited. We do this through prenatal visits custom designed to cover the topics most important to the family including, birthing location options, provider options and how to know if they will be supportive of your birth wishes, education on augmentations and interventions, comfort measures, nutrition to support a healthy pregnancy and so much more. The end goal is always to help you to have YOUR best birth. 

If you have been considering hiring a doula to support you during your pregnancy and birth, reach out! Meet with a few of us and find someone you connect with <3

Marsha Bucanek CLD, CBE



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